Easy Healthy (2017) Sweet Snacks You Should Try Today

Healthy Sweet Treats(updated in 2017) It may sound impossible that healthy sweet snacks exist, but there are indeed many low sugar snacks that are easy to get and quick to prepare.

There is a small number of those who can resist their sweet tooth and we all usually don’t even try to stop our sweet snack cravings. Yes, our wish to have something sweet – a piece of chocolate cake, a chocolate bar, or a favourite candy probably exceeds all other wishes during the day.

So, what to eat when craving sugar?

In almost every case when we have sweet tooth cravings, we end up eating even more sweet snacks than we imagined at the beginning. Such a diet highly contributes to poor health and various health issues that start even in middle age period, and for that reason, it is high time for us to introduce somewhat healthier diet.

The new diet does not require you to get rid of the old habits. Namely, you can still have your sweet snacks every day, but the novelty is that your sweet snacks should be healthy.

You can make these sweet treats at home, you can buy them in a store, and you can lose some weight by consuming them.

At YesYesHealthy.com we present you a comprehensive list of healthy sweet treats, some which are low carb sweet snacks or low calorie sweet snacks that will surely improve your lifestyle and your general health.

1) Finding Healthy Sweet Treats While You Are Out

Being out all day long means your stomach will start growling at some point. In case you cannot find a decent restaurant, and you still want to eat something healthy, find a nearby store.

There are always easy sweet snacks you can purchase and thus preserve your health. Once you come to a store, avoid looking at the front-glass that contains junk food like pizza bites, doughnuts, or taquitos. Instead, be firm and try to find one of these:

Nut And Fruit Trail Mix

Low Calorie Sweet Snacks

Seeds, dried fruit and nuts are an excellent replacement for candies. They are as tasty as chocolate, and the most important feature is that they are extremely wholesome quick sweet treats.

Buying a bag of such a trail mix will get you a meal packed with the most significant healthy components such as fibre, protein and unsaturated fats.

However, remember to buy just a small bag of trail mix, since eating dried fruit and nuts in large quantities can increase sugar levels in your body. If the nuts are lightly salty, this recommendation is also a good sweat and salty snack to consume.


Healthy Sweet Snack

Nuts are often mentioned as an excellent source of fibre. That is why buying them in a store is a good solution, especially if you decide to purchase pistachios.

Namely, they have the lowest calorie count per serving, and what is more, eating them very often will lower your cholesterol levels as well as decrease the chances of getting a heart disease. Once you buy a bag of pistachios, be sure to have a healthy crunchy snack.

Whole Grain Cereal Cups

Cereal is an excellent healthy snacks for sweet tooth during the day, especially if you can mix it with the non-fat milk. Plus, you can buy whole grain cereal cups in almost every store, and you don’t have to eat them only for breakfast.

These low fat sweet snacks are low in sugar and contain moderate levels of fibre. Hence, they will provide you with healthier and issueless lifestyle.

2) Losing Weight

You are aware that obesity comes with consuming unhealthy food in large amounts as well as eating snacks and sweets all the time. But what if we told you that there are sweet snacks that can help in weight loss?

You would be thrilled, just like we were. So, find these and start consuming them. They will surely help you get rid of a few kilos which is especially important when you are dieting.

Greek Yogurt Parfait

Believe it or not but some sweet snacks are not only wholesome, satisfying and delicious. They can also help you lose weight.

Greek Yogurt Parfait is such a one of kind low calorie snack with super weight loss abilities. It is a rich source of calcium which improves losing mass plus it is full of protein.

A suitable low sugar snack for adult, Greek Yogurt will make you feel fed so your desire for food will be lower. Also, you can add a bit of honey or a bit of cocoa or even some fruit. It will be even tastier and healthier.

Toasted Chickpeas Tossed In Cinnamon and Honey

Imagine if you could enjoy a sweet snack that will help in weight loss. Well, that perfect combination actually exists. Chickpeas are full of fibre and protein which make you feel full, thus reducing your desire for food.

On the other hand, cinnamon will make your blood pressure stay low, which will also keep your cravings under control. Honey has similar abilities, plus it will make this snack even more delicious.

So, all you need to do is to pop the chickpeas for half an hour in the oven and then combine them with the honey-cinnamon mixture to create a low fat treat.

3) Make Your Perfect Sweet Snack At Home

Perhaps the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth is by making your own quick and easy healthy sweet snack.

There are numerous recipes on how to make a perfect simple sweet snack that will contain healthy components, but we bring you something sweet that is easy and tasty. Try making them and you will not regret it for sure.

Frozen Chocolate Banana

Well, this is a quick and easy sweet treat to make at home. Bananas are full of vitamins and potassium and are also a great source of fibre. All you need to do is to peel a banana and cut it into two halves.

Then put the pieces in the freezer and wait for it to get solid.

Once it gets thick just roll them in melted dark chocolate and add sprinkles of rice chocolate chips or nuts and put everything back to the freezer. Wait for about an hour and then you are free to enjoy in this delicious low fat snack, which is also a suitable sweet snack for vegan.

Warmed Berries With Honey And Fresh Cheese

Another way of craving your sweet tooth while at home is this delicious simple warmed dessert. Berries are full of vitamins, honey is a healthy source of sweetness and cheese will make you feel satiated.

So, grab some berries you prefer and blend them with cheese and maybe a bit of yoghurt. Add honey and your homemade easy low carb snack is ready for consumption.

4) Healthy Snacks For Kids On The Go

Kids just love snacking after school, at home, in school, or on the go. That is why paying attention to their diet and healthy nutrition is of the utmost importance.

Having your child used to consume healthy sweet snacks will make it easier for both, you and your kid since regular healthy diet will surely cut the visits to the doctor at least by half. Here are just some of the examples of the healthy snacks for kids on the go:

Dried Apples With Cinnamon And Yogurt

Dried apples are an excellent and healthy snack, especially if you combine them with cinnamon and yoghurt.

You can find them in almost every store, and once you purchase a small bag of dried apples and a yoghurt, your kid will consume the whole package of useful nutrients such as calcium, potassium, fibre, and protein. This way of nutrition is far better than letting your child eat unhealthy chocolate bars or fatty snacks.

For more information on apples, check out our articles on benefits of fresh apple juice or make homemade apple juice.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Bars

Allowing your child to eat something with chocolate will not only cheer him up, but it will also make you the best parent ever. However, you should be wise when it comes to your kid’s chocolate consumption.

That is why buying a product made of dark chocolate and additional healthy ingredients would be a perfect healthy sweet snacks for kids. You will trick your child into believing he is eating chocolate as well as provide him with a healthy snack.

A good example of such a combination of dark chocolate and healthy nutrients would be dark chocolate bars with cherry and cashew. These bars, which are also healthy vegan sweet snacks and vegan breakfast ideas, will provide your kids with flavour and at least half of the daily recommended percentage of the vitamins A, C, and E.

5) Low Sugar Healthy Chocolate Snacks

People usually believe that chocolate and sugar always go together. But in fact, that is not so true at all. Chocolate is sweet and it certainly is not sugar-free, but there are various chocolate snacks that you can eat without being worried for your general health.

Low sugar snacks with chocolate are tasty, and also quite healthy. Plus they will keep your calories down. We represent you some of them to help you decide what to eat when craving chocolate :

Chocolate Pudding Cup with Sliced Almonds

Chocolate pudding is the evergreen among the sweet snacks. Everybody loves it and it is perfect for every occasion and parties. But the satisfying part of it is that chocolate pudding is low in sugar, especially if you pick the fat-free variants.

There is only one problem with the pudding – you just can’t stop eating it. Well, that is why you should add a few sliced almonds to your pudding serving. They are filled with fibre and protein that will make you feel full. Thus, in a way, almonds will make sure you will take only one cup of pudding and that is the main goal when thinking of what to eat when you crave sugar, right?

Dark Chocolate With Yoghurt

Healthy Low Sugar Snacks
Yoghurt is a perfect element for any snack since it actually helps losing weight. It is also rich in protein which will give you a feeling of being satiated. But let us be honest, yoghurt is not sweet so it is not the main choice for a snack. However, if you add some dark chocolate to your yoghurt serving, then you will have a perfect yummy combination.

Dark chocolate is a low-sugar and low-fat snack that will improve your digestion and thus help you lose some weight. So, feel free to make this mix part of your everyday menu.

6) After-Dinner Snacks

Snacking after dinner can be dangerous, especially for those prone to obesity and weight gaining. That is why you should be very careful when it comes to sweet snacks after dinner.

Instead of choosing all kinds of chocolate, chips, or other unhealthy foods, you should rather stick to the healthy evening snacks that contain vitamins and very little fat. You may well try these guilt free options:

Banana With Cinnamon And Honey

Well, this is something you should put in your daily routine ASAP as it is among the best healthy sweet snacks. It is so tasty and wholesome we could even consider it as a cure. Plus, it is so low in calories that you can serve it as an after-dinner dessert.

All you have to do is to put a mix of cinnamon and honey on a sliced banana rings and you are ready for real delicates.

This combination will provide your organism with sufficient levels of calcium, fibre, potassium and protein for the night. That way you will wake up completely fit and prepared for a new day – definitely a feel good dessert.

Fruit And Cottage Cheese

Your busy day should undoubtedly end with something as healthy and sweet as your favourite fruit and cottage cheese. You can choose whatever fruit you want and mix it with cheese. An excellent combination is the one with strawberries, blueberries or any other kind of berries.

Consuming fruit and cheese will satisfy your sweet tooth, and provide you with a serving of protein. In case you don’t find this mixture sweet enough, try adding a bit of honey or cocoa powder. We are sure such a healthy late night sweet snacks become a regular replacement for the usual, unhealthy chocolate bars.