2 Easy Ways on How to Make Homemade Apple Cider Juice

Making Apple CiderTo learn how to make apple cider, you will first need to know that apple cider is made from the pulp resulting from pureed apples.

As opposed to other types of apple juice, apple cider can be turned to apple cider vinegar that has been hailed as the best drink for improving digestion, losing weight and even improving body odor.

Many call an apple a super fruit, or a real food and even others think of it as the mid-day energizer. Whatever your take, you will certainly agree that taking an apple has many benefits to your body.

The phytochemicals in the fruit play a key role in safeguarding you against chronic illnesses such as diabetes, Asthma, and cardiovascular diseases amongst many others. Apples also contain antioxidants that help destroy radicals that can damage your body cell. This is not to mention the sweet savory taste that anyone can salivate over. You certainly cannot afford to miss a glass of apple juice in your dinner set. This guide takes you through the steps to making a homemade apple cider at the comfort of your place.

At YesYesHealthy, we have listed the procedure for easy apple cider recipe – we have 2 methods to make apple cider.

Method I: Simmering the Apples to make Hard Apple Cider Recipe

– 10 sliced apples (quarter slices).
– ½ a cup of white sugar.
– ¾ tablespoon of ground cinnamon.
– 2 liters of water.
– A stockpot.

1. Place your sliced apples into the stockpot and add water until it covers the apples.

2. Add a little sugar and cinnamon.

3. Heat the mixture until it starts boiling. You shouldn’t place a cover as the heating takes place.

4. Leave the mixture uncovered for one hour.

5. Place a cover on the mixture and reduce the amount of heat. Leave the mixture to simmer for about 2 hours.

6. Remove from the heat after the two hours and proceed to sieve the resulting mixture using a fine mesh sieve. Discard the resulting residue as you will need it no more.

7. Proceed to drain your sweet smelling cider through a cheesecloth lined sieve to obtain pure apple cider.

8. Cool in a refrigerator.

Note: The resulting apple is known as hard apple cider. Generally, apple cider is usually raw and unfiltered apple juice.

Method II: Using a slow cooker

– Five large apples- should a mix of green and red apples.
– 1 medium sized orange.
– 2 liters of water.
– ½ a cup of white sugar.
– Ground cloves
– Cinnamon sticks

1. Slice the apples and the orange into quarters and put them in a slow cooker. Drops your ground cloves and cinnamon sticks into the mix and add water until the fruits are covered by the water.

2. Add a little sugar and leave the mixture in your slow cooker for at least four hours.

3. Use a giant spoon to mash up the apples and oranges.

Note: At this point the apples will have become soft enough for you to mash them up with ease.

4. Allow the mashed up liquid to simmer for one more hour.

5. Sieve the resulting mixing using a fine mesh sieve to extract your cider juice.

6. Cool it in refrigerator. It can be served as part of the main course meal or alternatively taken between meals.

Note: Adding an orange gives your apple cider juice a unique burst of citrus. Mixing red and green apples creates the unique cider flavor that is so loved by many people.

Bottom line

Drinking a freshly prepared glass of apple cider is a great way to energize your body after a tiring day. Knowing how to make apple cider is a great way to boost your family’s health and wellbeing. Pair this amazing drink with some healthy snack food and you will get the best wholesome experience!