Are Grapes Good For You (2017)? – All You Need To Know Here

(updated in 2017) Grapes are healthy and good for you as they provide you with the most essential and beneficial vitamins, minerals and natural sugars. Grapes, of course, contain calories which many people search for this question.

Nutritionists today recommend at least one fruit serving per day and research has shown that fruits offer many health benefits and grapes are of no exception. You should eat grapes as much as possible since they contain extraordinary nutritional value needed for your overall health.

Check out the article here to find out everything you need to know about grapes nutrition and health benefits of grapes, complete with images.

Calories In Grapes – Around 100 Calories Per Servings In A Cup

In order to intake calories and get benefits from grapes, it would be best to buy fresh grapes instead of buying some syrups and juices in the supermarkets. Once you buy fresh grapes, you can divide them into servings.

So how many calories are in grapes? A cup of fresh grapes contains around 100 calories. Nutritionists say there are 3 calories per grape, so you should make grapes your regular food and take them into your organism more often instead of meat and bread.

Calories In Red Grapes – Around 60-70 Calories Per Serving In A Cup

European red grapes, especially those seedless red grapes, have 104 calories per serving. However, American red grapes are poorer in calorie amount, and they offer only 2 calories per grape, which is around 60-70 calories per serving.

Having in mind how low they are when it comes to calories, no wonder that experts and doctors often advise us to eat them more and more.

Calories In Green Grapes – Around 87 Calories Per Serving In A Cup

When compared to red grapes, the green ones are even lower in calories, and that’s why people consume them more often than red grapes. The serving of green grapes will provide you with only 87 calories. So, choose green grapes at least twice a week.

Calories In Black Grapes – Around 60 Calories Per Serving

The lowest type of grapes per serving are the black grapes. Namely, black grapes will get you around 60 calories per serving.

How Much Fiber Is There In Grapes – 1.3 Grams Of Fiber Per Serving

You are aware of the importance fiber provides as well as the health benefits fiber offers. However, most people do not get the recommended daily intakes of fiber. Having in mind how excellent grapes can be when it comes to calorie intakes, you should also know that grapes contain fiber.

A serving of grapes provides you with 1.3 grams of fiber, and research has shown that a cup of grapes give around 5% of daily recommended intakes of fiber for women, and 3% for men.

How Much Carbohydrates In Grapes – 16 Grams Of Carbohydrates

Just like grapes are low in calories, they are also low in cholesterol, and it is desirable to eat them whenever you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. They will not only help you get vitamins and minerals, but grapes will also prevent you from taking junk and too sweet foods in your body.

Nutritional information for grapes says that a serving will provide you around 16 grams of carbohydrates.

How Much Sodium Content In Grapes – 2mg Of Sodium In 100 Grams Of Grapes

One of the best things about grapes is that they have minimum amounts of sodium.

Namely, in 100 grams of grapes, there are only 2mg of sodium. This means that its impact on your health is quite minimum. In fact, grapes will provide your body with the proper amount of sodium which is required for it to work properly.

How Many Grapes Should I Eat?

The best thing you can do is to consume grapes on a daily basis. As per the grapes nutritional information that we have provided, grapes are healthy and no matter what kind of grapes you choose, either red, green or black, all of them will be equally beneficial to your overall health state. When it comes to quantity of grapes you should eat, experts advise us to take a serving or a cup of this extraordinary fruit which you can also add to a healthy vegan breakfast.

An excellent thing would also be to drink a glass of recently prepared and fresh juice. Another piece of advice: Avoid removing the skin and seeds from the grapes because these are more than excellent for constipation.

Health Benefits Of Grapes – Advantages of Eating Grapes

Grapes are among the top five favorite fruits people consume and there are many good health benefits for that. They are a perfect choice for a healthier diet which may improve your way of living with these advantages.

Keeping Your Heart And Immune System Strong With Antioxidants in Grapes

For example, grapes are filled with resveratrol, flavonoids and other antioxidants which are crucial for preserving your health. Also, polyphenols, that are one of the essential elements in this amazing fruit, are well-known for their salutary impacts.

They are quite efficient in relaxing blood vessels. This way they are directly responsible for preventing various heart diseases including strokes which happen to be among the major killers all around the world.

Completely Safe For Patients With Diabetes

Another health benefit is that grapes are also low in sugar, so people suffering from diabetes are completely free to eat them. Grapes are a fruit with lower insulin response rate too. That is why most of the doctors suggest them to patients with diabetes Type 2, particularly, making this among the healthy sweet treats that you can easily get.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Potassium is an element that helps your organism deal with high amounts of sodium. Thus, it helps in reducing high blood pressure which is very dangerous and even potentially lethal. Grapes are a natural source of potassium and people with high blood pressure should put red grapes particularly in their daily menu.

All grapes are rich in potassium but its levels vary from one type to another. For example, green grapes contain around 175mg of potassium; the black ones contain around 200 and the red ones almost 300.

Protects Your Eyes And Sight

In the end, some research suggests that grapes may be helpful in preserving your eye health. It seems that grapes help in preventing deterioration retinal function. This health advantage means that eating grapes may save your money you would normally have to give for glasses.

Can Grapes Make You Fat?

No, grapes does not make you fat. On the contrary, this healthy snack food might even help you lose some weight. Namely, grapes possess minimum amounts of unhealthy sugars plus they are a low-calorie fruit. These characteristics make them completely fat-free. But that is not all since grapes are a type of fruit which is low in energy density.

Hence, grapes are good for a diet – it is completely ok to eat more grapes because they will help you feel full but will not give you any unwanted extra calories. Also, the healthy fiber in grapes will reduce your cholesterol levels. Altogether, putting grapes in your daily menu might be quite beneficial not only for your struggle with those extra pounds but also for your general health. All in all, grapes does not make you fat and are good for dieting.

Eating Grapes At Night – Yes or No?

All those who are on a diet always worry whether it is ok to have a late-night snack. So, should you eat grapes at night?

Well, when it comes to grapes it is completely ok to eat them before you go to bed. It is always better to eat any fruit than chocolate or any other snack. But it may be wise to pick fruits with low GI such as cherries or grapes. Also, be sure to make it a normal portion and not a kilo of grapes because that will not do you any good at all.